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Sky Buildings - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Sunset - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Greenfield - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Houses - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
White Desert - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Couple - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Hot Air Balloons - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
Inner Cover - Nancy & Michael Carlisle

Amanda Johnson

When my husband found out he would be moving to NM for his job, we contacted Nancy to help us find a home.  We only had a few days to fly in from out of state in hopes to find something.  When we met Nancy she was very prepared with a huge list of homes for us to go see.  She made us feel like she had all the time in the world.  We drove all over Albuquerque for multiple days. She knew the different areas very well and was so fun and easy to work with.  She had info regarding schools, safety, parks, resale value, etc. Her husband Michael, who works as a contractor, had very great input on each home too… things we were grateful he pointed out.  He also was very helpful in letting us know how easy or hard it would be to change certain things or fix things up.  If you are looking to buy/rent we would highly recommend Nancy and Michael.