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Sky Buildings - Nancy & Michael Carlisle
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Amanda Johnson

When my husband found out he would be moving to NM for his job, we contacted Nancy to help us find a home.  We only had a few days to fly in from out of state in hopes to find something.  When we met Nancy she was very prepared with a huge list of homes for us to go see.  She made us feel like she had all the time in the world.  We drove all over Albuquerque for multiple days. She knew the different areas very well and was so fun and easy to work with.  She had info regarding schools, safety, parks, resale value, etc. Her husband Michael, who works as a contractor, had very great input on each home too… things we were grateful he pointed out.  He also was very helpful in letting us know how easy or hard it would be to change certain things or fix things up.  If you are looking to buy/rent we would highly recommend Nancy and Michael.

Daniel and Nancy Fink

WOW! On a recent move to Albuquerque from South Carolina, we felt fortunate that the relocation company chose Nancy and Michael Carlisle from Camco 21 Realty to help us find a new home. Nancy and Michael worked tirelessly for us and with us to get us into a new home in a timely fashion. They understood what we were looking for in a new home and showed us only homes they knew would interest us. Once we found our new home, they continued to help us. They arranged for painters, an electrician, a carpenter and landscapers to put some finishing touches on our new home before the movers showed up. We can’t tell you how helpful that was. We can’t recommend these two enough. Not only are they caring and efficient, but they are fun! That’s a winning combination.

Jennifer Payne

Nancy Carlisle helped us sell our home quickly.. We have known her for years. She is very knowledgeable about real estate and went the extra mile us giving us great suggestions and ideas. She is someone we can trust and demonstrates honesty and integrity. She told us what to expect through every step of the process. She also advised us on the purchase of our new home and we have seen her help many of our friends in the same way. I would recommend Nancy to anyone buying or selling their home.



Jared and Amanda Slade

When we were ready to purchase our first home, we chose Michael and Nancy Carlisle as our Realtors after receiving recommendations from several friends who had also worked with them.  Selecting the Carlisles as our Realtors turned out to be an excellent choice!  While we were initially looking at properties, Michael and Nancy were able to help us make valuable comparisons about each one’s value, current condition, pros/cons of the neighborhood, need for improvements, and potential for resale down the road. As a licensed contractor, Michael was able to provide vital information regarding the feasibility and cost of needed repairs and potential upgrades. When we selected a property and found out there was already an offer on it, the Carlisles worked quickly and aggressively to help us get the contract. It was evident that they were well respected by the seller’s agent and we’re sure they are by many other agents in Albuquerque. They were with us each step of the way from negotiating, to contracting, to inspections, to closing. Throughout the process Michael and Nancy always responded very quickly to our calls and emails.  They are both personable and honest which were two qualities we greatly appreciated.  We recommend the Carlisle’s whole-heartedly!